Saying Goodbye to Spring and Flannel with Photoshop
The photographer originally shot this lifestyle image in the summer but the ad was supposed to come out in the winter. We also discovered the flannel fleece for sale needed to be changed to a solid fleece. I digitally removed the flannel pattern using cloning and healing tools and added a stock winter scene to the background.
Changing Clothes with Photoshop
The photographer originally took a photo of the model in a tan sweater. However, the sweater needed to be replaced before the ad went to press. I photoshopped the blue sweater onto the model. First, I changed the color of the original sweater to blue. Then, various pieces of the sweater needed to be clipped out, rotated and transformed to make them appear to really be on the model. Finally, I used masking and the brush tool at varying opacities to let the original shadows and wrinkles shine through.
Booking the Model a Room with Photoshop
The photographer took a lifestyle image of the model in a studio. I then Photoshopped the model into a posh office. She was masked out using the clipping path tool and a mask with a subtle gaussian blur of 1 pixel. I also added several shadows under the model as well as a soft reflection on the floor.
Changing Scrubs Color
The photographer shot the model in blue scrubs. It was later decided that we needed the model in pewter scrubs for the ad. First, I clipped out the scrubs with the pen tool. Then, I used the color layer blend mode to change the scrubs color to white. Then, I created multiple layers set to different blend modes. This preserved the highlights and shadows from the original scrubs. Next, I created a color fill layer so the scrubs could easily be changed to any solid color. Finally, I created a brown color fill layer with the blend mode set to soft light to cancel out the blue color cast on the skin.
Good Riddance Braces with Photoshop
This model needed braces removed. I banished the orthodontics using clone stamp and healing tools at varying opacities.
Filling the Bird Feeder with Photoshop
The vendor originally sent this image of an empty bird feeder. However, the art director wanted to feature an image with bird seed. I used a combination of masking, layer blend modes and shadows to digitally fill the feeder with seed.
Splashing Paint with Photoshop
To add some pizazz, the art director wanted to dress up a run-of-the-mill paint can. So, I clipped out this stock image of paint exploding from a blank paint can and Photoshopped it into the Valspar paint image.
Reviving the Bananas
I didn't let the overripe bananas drive me bananas! Instead, I used the healing brush and clone stamping tools as well as a layer with yellow set to soft light to freshen up the bananas.
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