Welcome. I'm Melissa, a Graphic Designer & Pre-Press Technician from Wisconsin. My interest in graphic design started when a high school social studies teacher introduced me to a graphic designer. 
He did this because I had a need to make all his map projects look pretty. It wasn't enough for me to just label the cities. I felt compelled to draw relevant food and people in the empty spaces.
A few years later, I merrily went on to major in graphic design with a minor in French. After graduating from UW-Whitewater, I got my first job as a graphic designer in a print center. It was there that I learned all about pre-press.
Like many people, I don't like unnecessary work. This led me on a Google based scavenger hunt for a script that could make pdf files in Quark. While I didn’t find one, I found a little code. Then, through much struggling, I customized the code a little and became hooked on AppleScript. Years later, I have written many scripts that have saved myself and my coworkers countless hours of work. Hooray for technology! 
I've also had a passion for photography since my youth. This turned into being a stock photographer for Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, EyeEm/Getty Images and Etsy. I enjoy taking pictures of food and product mockups while fending off an interrupting cat. 
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. 
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